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Founded in 2016, Contiq is an AI-based web application with a plugin for Microsoft Office that helps salespeople determine what next content to present to their their sales opportunities.

Industry: Computer Software

Offerings: Content discovery, slide decks, granular content usage and effectiveness analytics


When the Contiq founders set out to launch their innovative firm, they knew they needed a team that could lay the groundwork for the company’s future, but their first attempt at putting together that team wasn’t the successful start they’d hoped for. The pair hired overseas contractors that simply weren’t building the product with the attention to detail it needed. The two founders knew it was time to start staffing a full-time team.


By activating our OnDemand Recruiting service, our recruiters were able to lead a team that met Contiq's financial constraints of only having seed funding, while also advising them on HR and recruiting processes going forward.


Contiq was looking to hire their first non-founder hires. They were exploring different locations and thinking about how they wanted their culture and their next hires to interact with the company.

They were looking for HR Advisory hours to determine recruiting process, company culture, and optimal location. For the OnDemand Recruiting engagement, Contiq was going to be hiring an Architect, Data Scientist, Development Lead and Engineers. We partnered closely with the Contiq co-founders for a 3-month engagement to develop and execute a sustainable recruiting process, company culture and hire their initial engineering team.

Working closely and seamlessly as an integrated part of the Contiq team, Proactive Talent provided an experienced sourcing and recruiting team, targeted passive candidate pipeline sourcing, as well as strategy, quality control, team performance management against hiring goals, metrics tracking and reporting.

We scheduled and attended weekly status calls coupled with detailed recruiter activity, metrics and reporting to maintain full transparency, tracking all candidate data and passing that information on to Contiq.


Within one month, Proactive Talent helped Contiq hire almost half their needed workforce for less than the cost of one contingent search.

Within three months, Contiq had a functioning tech team, an engineering leader in Vancouver, sales personnel in the Bay Area, a career website that introduced the company to its future employees and all while saving over $100,000 over traditional contingent search costs.

Proactive Talent’s Lead Consultant, Liz Bronson arranged interviews, sourced a background check provider, evaluated employment contracts, developed a vacation policy, helped establish company culture, determined how to best assess culture fit, and consulted on the new company website.

With the help of Proactive Talent's OnDemand Recruiting service, Contiq was staffed to build and launch their product, head to Series A, and grow their workforce for the future.

Proactive Talent Strategies helped us put together our core engineering team. Our lead consultant, Liz Bronson, is awesome. We could count on her not only for great recruiting but also strategic advise on human capital. As a seed-funded startup, agility & quality are paramount and PTS delivered both in oodles while being highly cost-effective.

Rahul Kapoor, Co-founder & CEO, Contiq