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Founded in 2011, Postmates is an on-demand logistics company transforming the way local goods move around a city, offering local delivery of restaurant-prepared meals and other goods 24/7, based in San Francisco, California.

Industry: Logistics

Offerings: Logistics, local commerce, delivery


Postmates was working with a basic employer brand with a presence on most key sites, but shared very little material that captured the Postmates spirit or employee culture, relying heavily on their consumer brand. They also lacked a strategy to track success metrics in recruiting. In order to meet their goal of hiring 500 reqs for the year, they would need a detailed recruiting and employer brand strategy and narrative to up their talent bar with a higher caliber of talent along with a system for measuring success.


Proactive Talent worked closely with Postmates to develop their employer brand, its strategy and execution by deploying employer brand, recruitment marketing, and training services to amplify what makes working at Postmates so unique and effectively reach the talent they need. With regular status meetings on both the employer branding and recruitment marketing sides, we maintained full transparency and collaboration with Postmates to empower them to continue long-term success post-engagement.

Phase 1



We conducted a full digital audit of Postmates's employer brand channels and platforms, including their careers site, job description pages, corporate blog, social medias, Glassdoor, Stack Overflow, and GitHub. This audit outlined the state of these channels, identified what Postmates was doing well on them, and delivered recommendations for improvement on each account, advising on technology utilization and selection for building the infrastructure needed to measure the alignment to Postmates' long term hiring initiatives and goals.


We reviewed 6 talent competitors of Postmates, researching their employer brand content (EVP, voice and tone, brand reach), community engagement, and design & UX. Based on these observations, we were able to begin ideating on how to make Postmates really stand out in this space and give them the competitive edge.


We conducted a series of interviews with Postmates key leadership and employees in order to understand what it means to be a part of the Postmates family, gaining insight into their backgrounds, roles, how they contribute to the Postmates company culture, and how they perceive the company culture both internally and externally.

Through these interviews, we were able to identify not only areas where employees felt undervalued and where they felt they were getting less in terms of employee experience than others, but also what large promoters of the company they all were and how much fulfillment they got from their work.

“I jumped at the chance to come to Postmates because of the brand weight and I saw a chance for endless possibilities through our technology and what it can do for our customers. I like the size and stage of our company and how nimble we can still be compared to large tech companies.”

Based on all of the aforementioned steps, we were able to assess the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to the Postmates employer brand.

Phase 2


In this phase we began to develop the brand narrative utilizing the data and insights from the discovery, assessment, and recommendations from Phase I.


In defining what makes the experience of working at Postmates unique, we identified their EVP (Employee Value Proposition) and employer brand positioning (who works there, why they like to work there, and who Postmates wants to work there) through design-thinking workshops. From this, we delivered employer brand recommendations on topics like tagline, voice & tone, and EVP framework.

Our subsequent plan of action included EVP messaging framework/candidate personas, a content strategy, a channel strategy, recruitment marketing execution, technology/tools selection, and brand metrics collection.

Phase 3



We built a true job posting guide to help make job postings more candidate-centric and on-brand, outlining key sections, examples, templates, and messaging resources as they related to the targeted personas. These would ultimately empower hiring managers to write better job descriptions, both with the narrative we created and also to write themselves.

Getting job descriptions away from being person-descriptions and more so descriptions of the job and impact the candidate will make in that job.


On external branded microsites like Built In and The Muse, we were intentional (and inclusive) about the testimonials and photos we featured, and included female engineers and employees wherever we could among the pages and employee spotlight articles to bolster female representation and increase female applicants.

Rather than just say "we're hiring female engineers", we wanted to empower Postmates's female engineers with the platform to share their stories and vouch for their work so that prospective engineers could look up a first-hand account rather than just hear it from a recruiter. The representation across this multi-channel strategy is consistent and reflective of the content found on the Postmates careers site.


The narratives that we heard interviewing the engineers at Postmates were largely around the impact that they're making during COVID, and we wanted to be very intentional in highlighting not only what engineering is like at Postmates, but specifically what it was like during COVID. We wanted every potential candidate to see how Postmates treated their employees during this time.

As a way to create employee-generated video content during the COVID-19 pandemic, we highlighted the (shared) experience employees across departments have right now during the pandemic through Zoom interviews, specifically engineering. We made sure to feature their great female talent and empower them to talk about the real impact they get to make through building technology that allows them to support the worker-at-home during this time.

This powerful campaign allowed Postmates to open up and give candidates a look at what impacts an engineer would have working here, which was a story that previously didn't exist. Uniting the individual raw experiences to a greater narrative helped articulate that this large-impact work experience is a real company-wide one.

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We gave the team a tough project as we were going through a potential IPO, entering quiet mode and then throwing in civil unrest and a global pandemic on top of that… well... they crushed it.
Really amazing results in a short amount of time - We deflected the wrong people and attracted some of the best in class, diverse talent to our brand by leveraging the multichannel approach and strategy with monitoring each channel closely to analyze its performance.

Pete Lawson, VP of Talent Acquisition, Postmates


  • #5 highest Q3 content engagement of top 50 LinkedIn tech companies
  • 15% increase in total followers between Q2 and Q3
  • 19% increase in Glassdoor overall rating between Q2 and Q3


  • 55% of visitors apply for a role (2017 benchmark is 12%)
  • 87% conversion rate
  • New job site launched allows access to 2,7k more resumes due to resume drop feature


  • 80% increase in total applications between Sept '19 and Sept '20
  • 57% increase in total applications between Q2 and Q3 2020
  • 53% of all applicants met or exceeded qualifications for their roles, a clear reflection of the increased source quality
  • 70% of all applications came from Postmates's own job page


  • 52% increase in female applicants between Q2 and Q3 of 2020
  • 93% increase in female applicants in a single year between Sept '19 and Sept '20
  • 30% increase in minority applicants between Sept '19 and Sept '20
  • 33% increase in Hispanic or Latino applicants between Q2 and Q3 of 2020


  • 33% of all final-round interviews lead to an offer (2019 benchmark is 25%)


  • #1 Best Place to Work in the Bay Area 2021 by BuiltIn
  • #9 Company with Best Benefits - NY
  • #5 Company with the Best Benefits - Seattle
  • #7 Company with the Best Benefits - Bay Area
  • #11 Best Paying Company - Bay Area